Prevent Health Hazards With Glass Smoking Pipes

Glass cannabis pipes are now the favorite choice of maximum weed smokers. But with the rise in the demand for these pipes, there is also an increase in the number of duplicate sellers who are selling thin glass objects or inferior quality products that can be dangerous for the consumers. So you have to be very careful while buying the glass pipes. The poor-quality pipes may have dangerous paints on the inner wall, or the manufacturers can follow illegal practices like glass drilling for manufacturing cheap and harmful products.

Check The Glass

While buying the glass smoking pipes, you have to ensure that the material is completely glass. The cheaper products may have rubber or plastic joints as components. There are also many varieties of pipes. For the regular flower smokers, there are varieties of dry pipes that range from the size of a cigarette to the more popular forms like the chillums, spoon pipes, Sherlock-style pipes, or steamrollers. But for all varieties, the quality does matter the most.

Compare Quality And Appeal

When you are trying to buy glass hand pipes, don’t always assess the quality by the external appearance or the price. There can be lucrative offers on the mixed-material pieces. But it will be a wastage of money as materials like silicone, plastic, rubber, and metals are harmful as they can contaminate the smoke. There should be perfect sealing on the pipe of the glass-on-glass joints. So always check the joints and connecting points to see whether the manufacturer is using pure glass.

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