Exclusive Smoking and Tobacco Products from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.

Our Catagories

We have various types of Smoking products for tobacco purposes. 


Glass Art Items

Different shapes of pipes, bubblers etc with modern art, characters and shapes following the popular things of the world.


Water Pipes and Others

We, at Nepal Smoking Pipe are here to offer you with the best glass water pipes available right on time.


Glass Pipes

We have some of the most outstanding glass pipes that you have ever set your eyes on.


Water Bubblers and Hammers

Right from the Chamber Bubblers to Group of the Glass Bubblers, we have so many options in store for you.

Our Products

Choose from our collection of unique products with bulk discount and global shipping options

About us

Exclusive Smoking and Tobacco Products from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is a Wholesaler and Distributor Company for various types of Smoking products for tobacco purpose.  The Company has own manufacturer section in Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Nepal is popular for its traditional art and crafts. Glass Blowing art is another most developing craft section in the country. The Young generations are learning glass craftmenship for as their profession.  As like other Handicraft, the glass craft handicraft section also are government authorizes section.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the finest ditributors and manufacturers of smoking pipes and accessories is not only a retail selling store but we do sell wholesale too. Case Buyers always get first prariority for best rate.As we are also a manufacturer of most of our products,  Please contact or email to management to get latest wholesale price.


Wholesale Discount


Own Manufacturing


Manufactured in Nepal


Traditional Techniquee

From the Himalayan Kingdom!

Most of the products in our shop are manufactured in the traditional way in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.