How To Clean Your Glass Pipe In 5 Easy Steps

Glass smoking pipes are small, handheld devices used across the whole world for smoking purposes. Apart from being safe, they are durable, artistic, and stylish. However, after some time, your smoking device will become dirty. Before you use it again, you have to clean it. Here you’ll learn how to do it.

Alcohol and salt

First of all, you’ll need a sealable plastic bag. Once you have it, put your pipe inside it carefully and fill it with medical alcohol. You’ll need a teaspoon of salt. Make sure the pipe gets submerged into the alcohol-salt solution. The salt will work as the scrubber or sponge. After all, you want to clean the unreachable tracts within the pipe.

Let it soak

Now, you should leave the pipe alone within the bag containing the salt-alcohol solution. Make sure you don’t touch it for at least twelve hours. It should be enough for the solution to dissolve the resin buildup within the pipe thoroughly.

Shake it

Once twelve hours pass by, you must shake the plastic bag. In doing so, you’ll loosen the residual resin stuck inside your glass hand pipes. Some people use containers instead of plastic bags. If you’re one of them, you shouldn’t shake it. Otherwise, your pipes may break.

Final step

In the last step, you only need to take out the pipe and shake it vigorously. Now, wash it with hot water mixed with dishwashing soap. If you notice stubborn resin still clinging to it, you have to pry it away with a paperclip. Once you finish cleaning it, leave the pipe to dry.

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