Types of Glass Smoking Pipes To Get In USA

Smoking pipes manufactured by a reputed company in the United States have a lot of varieties. They are available in different sizes and designs and have their own features. Before buying, if you wish to know about various types of Glass Smoking Pipestake a look here.

Sherlock Pipes

They are highly stylish and have an iconic arched stem. It looks stylish, and the smoke travels from the end to the stem. At times, you may also come across Sherlock pipes that have a longer stem. Such cool pipes are at times designed by carburetors.


They can be used with hot and cold water, and the water temperature also affects the herb taste. It gives a completely new feeling when you inhale from bubblers. These kinds of Glass Hand Pipes create tiny bubbles, and the water acts as a filter to the smoke.


Chillums are simple glass tubes and are a primitive method of smoking. Using a chillum pipe is not at all difficult as you need to simply put the dry herbs and light up and start inhaling. Different shapes and sizes are available in the chillum pipe, and you can choose the one you like.

Spoon Pipes 

Spoon pipes are an updated version of chillum and are in good shape. They have a bowl at the end where you deposit the herbs and have a carburetor. It has a hole through which the herb is inhaled. As a result, the smokes remain fresh.

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