Smoke In Style!

Is smoking a part of your life and you cannot enjoy fully without it?

Well, “smoking pipes” understand your requirements and tend to evolve their products continue to help you with a lavish life.

Earlier, traditional methods of smoking were used like traditional hookahs, wooden smokers and much more which are surely very fascinating to us, whether in means of price or structure or size.

Today the “world of smoke” has been taken over by the “glass pipes”.

What is a glass pipe?

A glass pipe is a bong with just better specifications. “glass pipes” comes in extremely unique designs and different kinds of shapes and sizes which gives the customer a whole new experience.

Everything is about fashion these days and so is the motive of glass pipes. The evolution of “glass smoke pipes” is the reason to provide its customers with the style that fits them.

The smoke pipe’ industry has boomed since the ancient time and now offers us different varieties of hand pipes which are listed below:

  • Spoons – It is a spoon-shaped pipe having a carburetor (small hole) at the end of the tube.
  • Bongs – They are the most basic type of glass pipes. Having unique designs, these are straight tube chambers and very convenient to use.
  • Bubblers– They make use of water like a bong. Also, they offer the choice of using either hot water and cold water.
  • Chillums – They are shaped like chillums or hitters. They are very simple to use also.
  • Steamrollers – As the name suggests, they are used for powerful hits.

There is a lot to these categories but these are some basic popular ones.

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