Difference Between Glass Bongs And Glass Hammer Bubblers

There are different types of smoking products available in the market. You will be better off when you know the difference between them when you buy. For example, you can go for the most common glass bong or choose to buy a glass bubbler. They both appear similar but there are distinct differences between the two types. The glass bongs are cylindrical water pipes. These some in simplest of designs. The setup consists of a bowl, a down stem, a water-filled chamber at its base, a neck and a mouthpiece.

A glass bubbler

The glass hammer bubblers on the other hand, may work just like a glass bong but are much smaller in size. This makes these smoking products more appealing. You can easily hide it in your palm or stack it in your pocket if you do not want to draw too much attention. Most importantly, the glass bubblers are not as pricey as the glass bongs. These products resemble a traditional pipe wherein the down stem is fixed. Depending on how deep a hit you want, you can ride the carb accordingly to build the smoke.

The closing thoughts

Whether you buy a glass bong, a bubbler or glass pipes wholesale, you should focus on the use. The more complex it is to use, little will be the smoking pleasure derived, especially if you want a quick smoke on the go. A glass bong is more complex water pipe to use as compared to a bubbler or a glass pipe. Always go for simpler yet compact devices like the bubblers.

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