Process Order
» 2.5 Inch peanuts/Spoons
» 3 Inch Peanuts and Pipes
» 4 Inch Latest Pipes
» 4 Inch Pipes
» Animal Pipe
» Bubbler
» Chamber
» Flower Pendants
» Mini Bubbler
» One Hitters
» Pipe Pendants
» Regular Size Bubbler
» Sharlucks
» Slide Balls
» Steam Roller
» X-Mini Bubbler

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Is there a discount or a special season off?
    Yes, selected products are discounted on the basis of season and order volume.
  2. In what currency are the rates?
    All the rates are quoted (unless specified) in Dollars FOB Kathmandu.
  3. How is confirmation of delivery made?
    purefelt.com is established under the company's act 2062 of the government of Nepal. Therefore any national/international customer can get information of the company at any time.