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Welcome! Nepalsmokingpipe.com opens for you the doors to Glass pipe, as you travel through our pages, each of which has unique images of Glass Pipe. Items are listed on a vast variety ranging from simple Bubblers to Advanced Bubblers.

Nepalese handicraft is dedicated to the manufacturing and export of glass pipe with on-time service. The Glass Pipes are made by Borosil glass with be Silver or gold fuming, its design & manufactured by our craftsmen. Glass Pipe can modify according to the need and requirement of the customers.

We are the manufacturer and exporter of Glass pipe, Bubblers from Nepal.
Code: NSPHP-905
Price: US $ 3.00
Code: NSPHP-904
Price: US $ 2.90
Code: NSP-PNP-512
Price: US $ 1.25
Code: NSP-RGB-512
Price: US $ 7.00
Code: NSP-4IP-559
Price: US $ 3.50
Code: NSP-SLB-510
Price: US $ 1.20
Code: NSP-ANP-507
Price: US $ 4.00
Code: NSP-4IP-678
Price: US $ 3.50


Bubbler, a smoking pipe gives out a particular sound that is very much like traditional Indian Hookah. Bubblers are made of heavy wall borosilicate glass tube and often fumed with pure silver or gold. Few bubblers are provided with glass stem that goes deep into the bulb filled of water to give out a peculiar sound.

Smoking Glass Pipes

We manufacture fine glass products, we manufacture & supply variety of Glass Pipes. Our hand blown glass pipes are made of heavy duty hand blown glass.
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